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A holistic, total value approach.

360 Value is a comprehensive program that helps you achieve bigger wins for your business by focusing on the key dimensions of a total proposition: consumer well-being, environmental impact and value creation.

The holistic approach considers every aspect of new product development, from process improvement and ingredient replacement, to carbon footprint and food security, enabling you to create high-value, cost-effective and sustainable products.

360 value

360 Value creation

With three purpose-led dimensions, the 360 Value program helps our customers achieve total value creation by increasing profit and meeting consumer well-being demands, all while decreasing environmental impacts.

Consumer well-being

Better-for-you solutions that increase access to food and food security.

Environmental impact

Solutions that can reduce your carbon footprint, energy use and your impact on the planet.

Value creation

Solutions to reduce formulation costs and improve efficiencies - from decreased food waste to improved shelf-life stability.

Premium plant-based pizza

Premium plant-based pizza

See how we helped one manufacturer expand into the plant-based market while increasing on-shelf appeal and reducing food waste.

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Alternative dairy drink

Alternative dairy drink

Explore how we helped this food manufacturer offer a plant-based beverage with recognized ingredients and improved nutritional content to an untapped market.

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Salad dressing with reduced egg

Salad dressing with reduced egg

Discover how we helped create a reduced-egg dressing while maintaining texture and eating quality, and increasing profit margins.

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