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Join the party—the clean, green, natural scene is here to stay

Supercharge bath, hygiene and body routines with plant-powered ingredients

Consumers today inspect ingredient labels more closely, inspiring  a change in personal care towards easily recognizable, sustainably sourced and naturally derived ingredients.

What does a “clean label” mean?

As it has no regulatory definition, that depends on who you ask. It’s clear that consumers have growing concerns regarding the use of chemicals, potential allergens and irritants. Currently, the US bans 11 ingredients, the EU over 1300. With the global natural skin care market expected to grow to $25 billion by 2025, it’s no surprise that brands that position themselves as clean, simple and natural are reaping the rewards of conscious consumers. With the formulation experts at Ingredion, you can develop products free from undesirable chemicals and GMOs.

Bring your vision to life with Ingredion

  • Accelerate growth with naturally derived ingredients and clean label appeal
  • Discover high-performance efficacy with plant-based ingredients
  • Improve benefits with ingredients that offer multi-functionality
  • Create aluminum-free, sulfate-free and non-GMO formulas
  • Ask about prototype formulations by experts who understand application

Clean label must-have: plant-based deodorant

Natural deodorants are a gateway for consumers to a cleaner personal care routine.  Stabilize complex emulsions by reducing breakdown and separation with aluminum-free FARMAL™ AF 1100 modified starch. Or try NATIVACARE™ 9360 natural tapioca starch for a heat tolerant, sustainably-sourced starch with smooth viscosity for sticks, gels and creams.

FARMAL™ AF 1100 hydrophobic biopolymer

NATIVACARE™ 9360 tapioca starch

Rich, velvety shower gels

Cleanse and nourish with biodegradable FARMAL™ MS 6822, a bio-based polymer that transform dull gels, into creamy, rich washes with luxurious foaming and better rheology.

Pair it with FARMAL Xanthan 2312 TC for transparent thickening and to suspend exfoliators. Gentle for all skin types and easy to use in any application, including sulfate-free formulas.

Discover FARMAL™ MS 6822 modified starch

Discover FARMAL™ Xanthan 2312 TC

Elevate your bath bars

With FARMAL CS 3757 starch and our other biopolymers, form long-lasting bar soaps while preventing mushiness and bar cracking. Create gentle, plant-powered bars for the face and body to cleanse and nourish skin without leaving it dry or stripped.

Natural starches improve creaminess and softness of foam, and NATIVACARE™ 8600 can increase fragrance retention and reduce cracking for a silky, touchable sensation in soap bars.

Discover FARMAL™ CS 3757

Discover NATIVACARE™ 8600

Ingredients plus performance? We’ve got you covered

After price, ingredients are the most important criteria when selecting skin care products in most countries. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly, non-toxic, aluminum-free, safer or sustainably friendly options, Ingredion has a broad range of multi-benefit, lab-proven, naturally derived ingredients to choose from. Partner with Ingredion for nature-based solutions and create award-winning formulas without sacrificing performance.

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Our team of technical and market experts are standing by to help you design winning products. With a culture of collaboration and deep formulation expertise, we are your dedicated guide to sustainable, on-trend personal care.

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