HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours

Get the functionality you need from one amazing line of rice flours

Get superior functionality and eating quality

In today’s clean & simple world, consumers want it all: ingredients they expect with the distinctive eating experiences they desire in a broad range of foods. You have a choice of ingredients that provide the functionality you need and the familiarity consumers want. But which ingredients can help take your products to the next level of texture and appearance while conveying a healthy image to consumers?

Deliver just-right texture and homemade appeal

Easy-to-digest, non-allergenic rice cereal is often the first solid food given to infants. This universally accepted ingredient milled into flour brings luscious textures and fresh appeal to your applications. HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours provide the moderate to high process tolerance and shelf life stability of modified starches as well as smoother, creamier textures.

• Labels as highly desirable “rice flour”
• Creates short, silky textures with a clean, bland flavor
• Delivers shelf life and freeze/thaw stability to medium and high moisture foods similar to that provided by modified starches
• Provides stability at a low pH
• Creates efficiencies and potential savings from lower cost-in-use and waste reduction
• Generates authentic opacity that is otherwise lost when replacing wheat starches
• Provides improved functionality over native wheat and rice flours
• Enables a quick switch from modified starches to a clean label ingredient solution

Use a consumer-preferred ingredient to drive purchase intent

More consumers are checking labels to ensure the products they choose derive from expected and accepted ingredients. According to Ingredion proprietary research, rice flour is seen by consumers as superior in “natural” perception and drives purchase intent.

Eating experiences designed to elevate your brand

Give your most discerning consumers what they want with HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours. Smoother, creamier, more indulgent textures, even in dairy-free applications. Gluten-free sauces that maintain opacity. Velvety soups, including lower-fat options, with no compromise in flavor.

Perfect for a broad range of applications

Bring “natural” textural appeal to these and other foods:

  • Soups and sauces
  • Snacks and cereals
  • Batters and breadings
  • Dairy and dairy-free products
  • Baby food
  • Fruit preparations and fillings
  • Chilled and frozen soups, sauces and ready meals

HOMECRAFT® multi-functional rice flours

Featured rice flour ingredients

Ingredient Solves for

Cook-up multi-functional rice flour with moderate to high process tolerance for high shear/high temperature applications such as clean label batters and breadings, baby food, dairy products and fruit preparations

Multi-functional cook-up rice flour with low to moderate process tolerance for gentle cooking methods and clean label applications including soups, sauces, ready meals, snacks and cereals

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