Achieve sweet success in confectionery

Today's consumer demand is taking confections to new places—from reduced sugar to non-GMO and added nutrition. How can you deliver what they seek, with the great taste and texture they love?

Explore our innovative ingredients, including polyols, nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, specialty starches, fibers and hydrocolloids to find just the right formulation. And rely on our experts to provide detailed characterization of shelf life changes under different humidity and temperature conditions.

Whatever your challenges, we're here to help you address the challenges of creating delicious, on-trend confections, including:

  • Creating sugar-free and reduced-sugar confections with just-right texture
  • Form clear, solution-stable films for chocolate coatings
  • Increasing production and yield for gummy/chewy candies
  • Delivering health benefits such as digestive, bone and immune health in vitamins and supplements
  • Bringing indulgent, appealing texture to cream centers, frostings and fruit fillings

Cut cost, not appeal

Ingredion can help you partially replace or complement costly, hard-to-source ingredients in gummy-type candies. You get a softer, less chewy texture while still achieving sought-after clarity, elasticity and clean flavor—all at a lower cost. Plus our starch solutions help eliminate melting issues, so gummy candy products can enjoy longer shelf life too.

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