Glass fiber

Optimize glass fiber products with our advanced starch technology

From construction to electronics, piping to wind energy, glass fiber is replacing traditional materials in an ever-growing range of applications as manufacturers recognize the benefits it brings in weight reduction, superior performance, sustainability and lower cost.

In the manufacturing process, sizing is essential to how the fibers behave during processing and how they perform as part of a composite. And that's where Ingredion starch technology helps you stand out.

Ingredion sizing starches provide consistent quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, helping you deliver the performance your customers demand at the right price. Plus, our starch scientists can help you optimize your glass fiber products for particular applications — or even help you innovate entirely new products.

With many years of experience in electronic yarns and fabrics, and special expertise in 4µm-7µm fine yarn, jet-cooking sizing systems and batch-booking sizing systems, the Ingredion team is ready to provide R&D and technical service to fit your needs. Count on us for on-site and remote formula development, process improvement and product upgrades.

Sizing starches specially developed for your needs

As an acknowledged global leader in advanced starch technology, Ingredion works with growers who grow crops especially for us and have developed our proprietary starch technology. We control our entire supply chain to ensure you get products with the consistent viscosity, high performance and security of supply that are crucial to your product success.


Gain efficiencies in electronics applications

Our nature-based starches can bring significant benefits to your electronics sizing applications, including:

  • Faster production speeds
  • Excellent yarn protection to improve yields
  • Good film formation to prevent fuzzy or broken filaments
  • Control in sizing migration
  • Green alternative to polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) for warp sizing applications
  • Choice in products for both batch- and jet-cooking processes
  • Ease in de-sizing

Draw from our well-known product ranges — or customize one with us

Ingredion offers modified and unmodified starches based on both maize and potato technology. In addition to our well-known CATO® starch and HI-SET® starch product ranges, these include our HYLON® high amylose series and VINLON® and VINTEX® sizing starches, which eliminate synthetic alternatives and boost your green credentials. In addition, we can create custom-made starches to meet your specific requirements for process stability, fast setting speed, yarn protection, starch type and hardness.

Discover the sizing starches that fit your needs

Application (by yarn types) Product line Description

G, E, D

CATO® starches

Suitable for PVOH replacement and provides film formation strength to making glass fiber yarns

G, E, D

HYLON® high amylose sizing starches

Proprietary high-amylose range imparts remarkable film formation strength as well as de-sizing ability in glass fiber yarn making

G, D

HI-SET® starches

Provides excellence in film formation strength during the sizing process while being easy to de-size during heat cleaning

G, E, D

VINLON® sizing starches

Superior in all three principal needs of making glass fiber — PVOH replacement, film formation and de-sizing ability

G, E, D, C

VINTEX® sizing starches

Unique functionality of this product range creates efficiency in the heat cleaning step during de-sizing of the yarn making process