Innovate for tomorrow with renewable, nature-based ingredients

Biodegradable. Recyclable. Earth-friendly. Today’s consumers are seeking out more sustainable products that are kinder to the environment. And to help manufacturers transition from synthetics to “nature-based” materials in areas of agriculture, manufacturing processes, building materials and packaging, Ingredion is uniquely ready to help.

With expert biomaterials scientists at Ingedion Idea Labs® innovation centers, and an integrated portfolio of polymer ingredients that includes modified starches, polyols and dextrins, we help manufacturers boost their sustainability story — with renewable, cost-effective biopolymer solutions that provide function and performance in areas traditionally dominated by synthetics.

Count on us for:

  • Customized nature-based biopolymers to help you deliver customer-focused benefits
  • Renewable, cost-effective solutions that add measurable value and address sustainability goals
  • Wide range of available textures and rheological profiles
  • Solutions offering greater flexibility than other bio-gums or hydrocolloids

Explore our biomaterial solutions

Take advantage of our broad solutions toolkit to deliver functionality and performance in your applications:

Adhesives and coatings

Replace synthetics with more sustainable and economical bio-based alternatives.

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Explore sustainable biopolymer solutions for seed coatings, crop protection and other agriculture applications.

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Bioplastics and biofoams

Increase the sustainability of your plastic products with bio-based polymers.

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From shingles to insulation and beyond, our biomaterials address your efficiency and performance needs.

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Glass fiber

Sizing starches help glass fiber manufacturers with consistent quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Create safe and effective cleaning, dishwashing and laundry solutions with our bio-based additives.

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Oil and gas

Improve performance in drilling fluids and filtrate loss control.

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Versatile bio-based binders

Hold various materials to form or maintain their shapes with naturally derived biomaterial binders.

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Plant-based feedstocks for renewable chemicals

In addition to the applications above, Ingredion biomaterials are helping chemical manufacturers to produce renewable chemicals in bioscience processes, replacing traditional petroleum processes. By using our plant-based dextrose and fructose as feedstocks, a wide range of products can be derived such as bio-based lactic acid, succinic acid, FDME, Bio-PDO™ and FDCA. In addition, our dextrose or modified starches can be used as monomers or starting materials in various polymer syntheses.