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Ingredion’s application factsheets on sugar reduction offer an in-depth look at our application and formulation expertise, as well as our comprehensive sugar reduction portfolio.

Whether for beverages, dairy products or baked goods, you'll see how Ingredion’s experts can help you create market-ready reduced-sugar products quickly with just-right taste, texture and performance.

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Learn about sugar reduction solutions for granola, breakfast bars and cookies

Reducing sugar while rebuilding texture

Get trends and expertise to satisfy your appetite for low-sugar granola and breakfast bars.


Sweet indulgence without the guilt

In a category known for added sugars, discover how reducing sugar in cookies can make a satisfying difference.




Quench your thirst for reducing sugar in energy drinks, protein drinks, plant-based dairy beverages and RTD coffee

Easy-to-swallow insights and expertise

See how Ingredion can help you replicate flavored milk sweetness levels in reduced-sugar plant-based dairy beverages.


A jolt of clean, sugar-like flavor

Learn how Ingredion can help achieve a clean, full-bodied taste for your reduced-sugar energy drinks.


A pleasant brew of taste and mouthfeel

See how the right ingredient solutions can help you reach a desired taste and texture profile for RTD coffee.



Reducing off-notes while reducing sugar

Find out why balancing proteins with sweeteners and flavors is essential for protein beverages.




Unlock secrets of reduced-sugar success for gummies and chocolate candies

Keep the yummy in your gummies

See how to solve texture and stability challenges in reduced-sugar gummies.


Keep the delight, replace the sugar

Learn to build back sweetness while maintaining functional bulking in low- or reduced-sugar chocolates.




Indulge in innovative solutions for reducing sugar in ice cream, flavored milk and spoonable yogurt

Creamy texture meets low calorie

See why freezing point makes all the difference in ensuring a reduced-sugar ice cream remains creamy.


Ensuring mouthfeel and texture appeal

Learn how Ingredion can help you formulate reduced-sugar yogurts with a taste and texture close to full-sugar alternatives.



Building back suspension stability

See how Ingredion can help you optimize sweetness and flavor for your reduced-sugar flavored milks.