Functional flours

Functionality made clean and simple

Answer the clean and simple trend and get the performance you need with an ingredient consumers recognize and perceive as more “natural” and “healthy” than other ingredients — flour.1   With Ingredion’s innovative line of HOMECRAFT® multi-functional clean label flours, you’ll get the performance and functionality of a modified starch with the labels consumers want. 

Make your soups more scrumptious, your dairy more delightful, and your sauces smoother and silkier with help from our broad portfolio of in-demand of functional flours. Deliver creamy textures and longer-lasting mouthfeel — without compromising flavor — while getting improved shelf life stability. You can even bring your alternative dairy products to new heights with the indulgent textures consumers expect. 

Collaborate with us to learn how our multi-functional clean label flours can help you respond to market trends with products that are fiber- and protein-rich, non-GMO and gluten-free. Tap into Ingredion’s formulation expertise and connect with our teams of technical and market experts help you find new ways to create value and accelerate your growth. 

Do more with rice

Bring velvety textures, opacity and homemade appeal to your applications with an ingredient that is rated as superior in natural perception — rice flour. Explore HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours.

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Do more with tapioca

Create indulgent products with consumer-preferred labels while optimizing costs with a high-performing ingredient — tapioca.2 Explore HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional tapioca flours.

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Do more with pulses

Improve the texture, appearance and nutritional profile of your products with protein-rich, gluten-free flours made from lentils, faba beans and peas. Explore HOMECRAFT Pulse flours.

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1 Ingredion Proprietary Research, Dragon Rouge, 2017

2 Ingredion Proprietary Research, Vision Critical, Clean & Clear Labeling Research, 2016

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Learn more about texturizers

Whether you’re formulating for a specific characteristic or simply interested in learning more about an ingredient, our Texturizer Solutions page has all the information you need.

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