Bioplastics and biofoams

Reduce the plastic, keep the quality with versatile biopolymers

Starch is one of the planet’s most important renewable raw materials, able to be produced from a variety of crops, including corn, potato, tapioca, rice and others. And now with our functional biopolymers, you can leverage starch's benefits in durable, semi-durable and disposable plastic products — all while improving sustainability.

Whether you produce shopping bags, plastic packaging, plastic bottles or utensils, with  functional biopolymers can partially replace petroleum-based resins without compromising the strength of your products or adding manufacturing steps. Count on these innovative biomaterial ingredients to:

  • Deliver improved biodegradability and disintegration, reduce disposal costs
  • Increase your bioplastics' renewable content
  • Reduce water absorption during processing and work with your existing equipment
  • Cut the formulation costs of biodegradable plastics
  • Provide enhanced performance via good dispersion, improved flowability and enhanced processability 

Capture economies in your food packaging

In the food packaging industry, our functional biopolymers create mechanically stronger and more biodegradable films which have greater clarity and a more substantial gas barrier.

Decrease traditional synthetic polyesters such as PBS and PBAT

Our innovative compostable biopolymers provide unique functional characteristics, product differentiation and can reduce formulation costs, helping you serve the growing need of reducing the carbon footprint globally via a more environmentally friendly product lifecycle.

Reduce environmental impact with compostable protective packing foam

With our naturally derived, environmentally friendly raw material, manufacturers can create compostable packaging foams that match the protection and performance of synthetics.