Private label

Create private label products that win with consumers

Now more than ever, consumers are making changes in the foods and beverages they choose to buy. But formulating, developing, producing, and quickly bringing private label products to market that meet or exceed consumer expectations while maintaining your target margins can be challenging.

How can you deliver on the promise of product quality, cost and texture in your private label foods and beverages?

Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, partner with a private label systems and ingredient solution supplier that sets you up to win with deep product development expertise and insights into what consumers want, from clean label and plant-based to affordable and nutrition-rich products.

Put Ingredion’s exclusive consumer research to work

An increasing number of factors are in play as consumers make their food and beverage choices. 

Our latest proprietary insights can help you maximize brand value by formulating to 2023 consumer food preferences. 

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Grow market share and develop store and brand loyalty

Connect with our private label team to collaborate on product innovations to win new customers, drive repeat business and save money. Work with us to:

  • Create products with “natural” and familiar ingredients
  • Formulate for clean label, free-from, organic and non-GMO claims
  • Remove or reduce sugar
  • Improve nutrition with added plant protein or fiber for substantiated front-of-label claims
  • Make your product memorable with crispy, crunchy, creamy or signature textures
  • Keep foods looking fresh
  • Improve margins while maintaining product quality
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Meet the need for more convenient foods and beverages
  • Achieve processing stability or extend shelf life

40% of U.S. consumers' grocery carts contain private label products. There is likelihood and opportunity for this percentage to increase as a new normal takes shape.

Source: Ingredion Proprietary Research, June 2020 U.S.