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Satisfy cravings AND maintain preferred product attributes

When snacks replace traditional meals, every bite counts. Consumers who fuel their day with smaller, more frequent eating occasions seek satisfaction, not "junk food."

Demands for nutrition, clean label, sustainability and convenience are ever-present, but in a competitive market filled with new product innovation, formulators can't afford to develop products that meet these needs at the expense of taste and cost.

With so many variables to optimise, it becomes imperative to understand the consumer algorithm in food choice decision making. But that’s only the first part of the equation. The key to delivering share-winning products is the ability to formulate snacks with the delicious taste your consumers expect AND the right combination of benefits to meet their needs.


Meeting both consumer needs AND solving for manufacturer challenges is at the heart of what we do.

Anticipating Consumer Needs

How does the nutrition label, packaging, and key ingredients impact a consumer's decision to take a product to the check-out line?

Our food technologists break down our latest proprietary insights about how consumers are making their snacking decisions, and what attributes are top-of-mind when making a purchase.

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Partnering with manufacturers

Balancing what consumers want against delivering a memorable and cost-effective snack product can be challenging.

Our teams have taken the guesswork out of your formulation needs, sharing the next big ideas for:

  • Reduced-sugar snacks
  • High-protein snacks
  • Just-right texture snacks
  • Clean-label snacks
  • Keto-friendly snacks
  • And more!
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Webinar: Better Nutrition by Design – Crafting Snacks for Discerning Customers

How can your brand better align with consumer snacking preferences? Listen in as our expert panel discusses:

  • Consumer trends and insights on improving nutrition in snacking segment
  • The growth opportunity brands can capture by delivering consumer-preferred snacks
  • Innovative sugar-reduction techniques and ingredients that can enhance the nutritional profile of snacks without compromising taste and texture
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Hear our team's latest thoughts on snacking innovation and technology, read through their recent case studies, and schedule time to meet in-person.

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