Versatile bio-based binders

Bio-based binders improve performance, reduce environmental impact

Whether you're creating absorbent pet litter, more efficient furnace filters or need to bind difficult to handle materials into strong and durable briquettes, your choice of binding materials can play a large role in product performance, your operational efficiencies and of course the environmental footprint.

With proven starch-based solutions from Ingredion, you can switch away from synthetic solutions, and ably take on the various application requirements with renewable, plant-based binders tailored for highest performance.

Offer pets a high-quality experience with safe and gentle litter products

For superior plant-based absorbance, easy clean up and odor control, Ingredion’s range of safe and pet-friendly binder products for cat litter formulations delivers. Choose from our CASCO® and FARMAL® cost-effective bio-based binders, and our AMIDEX® corn starches — effective for high absorbance and clean scooping.

Improve quality of wood pellets

With plant-based starches from Ingredion, manufacturers of wood pellets used for heating and industrial processes such as steam and/or electricity can reduce dust, lubricate the equipment and improve overall yield.

Improve control of soil erosion

For advanced erosion control, PENTAC™ tackifiers provide high performance with the ability of the adhesive to be hydrated at relatively high solids. Benefits include greater lubrication during mixing and greater adhesion strength.

Add strength and efficiencies in industrial briquetting

Ingredion bio-based starch solutions provide cost-efficient briquetting, enhancing durability with strong binding strength and sticky control for steel dust and other waste materials.

Replace synthetic binders in non-woven products

Liquid, ready-for-use REDIFILM® binders have been developed to replace/extend synthetic binders in wet-laid non-woven products. With this solution, you can count on excellent binding properties and film-forming properties.